3 Vandercook 219 New Style

We are selling 3 Vandercook 219 New Style presses as a package. These three presses are complete and fully functional. They will be readjusted and ready to print: with brand new rollers, cleaned and tested, but not repainted.

Press A)
Vandercook 219 ABT, #14350
(Hand cranked / adjustable bed)

Press B)
Vandercook 219T, #17033
(Hand cranked / fixed bed)

Press C)
Vandercook 219T, #12367
(Hand cranked / fixed bed)

This is the perfect package for a School or Institution that wants to handle just one model line. Having three times the same press in a shop or a school makes instructions and maintenance so much easier. It is safer for students or interns to handle just one model. Jobs can be set up on one press, subsequent print runs can be done on any other press if needed. They’re all the same. This package is a very rare offer. You won’t come across anything like this soon again. We are only accepting offers for the whole package at this point, it would be a pity to split them up.

The presses are located in Switzerland. We are experienced and willing to ship world wide! Each press will be packed safely in a custom built and closed shipping crate including corrosion protection. Presses are firmly strapped/bolted to the floor and padded on 5 sides. Shipping is insured for the full value. We provide all the needed custom documents for international shipping. Ask for some photos of the packing process of previous presses.

Buyers with serious offers please contact us anytime!

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