Littlejohn Proof Press

For Sale: Littlejohn Proving press
Littlejohn is very similar to Vandercook 4C in size and operation.
Manufactured in Britain under licence by Hunter Penrose Littlejohn Limited.
Bed size: 15” x 35”
Maximum sheet: 14.75” x 20”
Maximum form rollers: 14” x 18”
Power inking, adjustable bed
Comes with original Instruction manual

The press is print ready. I put in new form rollers and replaced new
vibrator warm in the distributing roller.
Last summer printed wedding invitation cards for my daughter with excellent results.

The press is stored on ground level for easy loading. Loading and shipping cost is
entirely buyer’s responsibility.
I also have for sale manual Challenge paper cutter 23” and various fonts
including MICR font, ink thickness gage, composing stick, furniture
lead spacers and slug cutter.

Please reply by email.
Contact Mario
Delta, British Columbia

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