Large-format Proof / Sign presses, ideal for larger prints

Showcard large format proof / sign presses, ideal for large posters and prints. These are very versatile presses with adjustable impression and a gripper with registration capability. These have typeholder systems and can also be used as “magnetic” sign presses so that bars can be mounted anywhere on the bed. These also come with a steel “dead bar” that will allow for lockup right on the press bed, and also has a bed plate to allow for galley proofing.

I have four of these, all in excellent condition. One is a very late model (1980’s, factory blue paint finish) model DFS 30” x 45” with factory stand and foot pedal grippers, The other is a slightly smaller 25” x 35” press (1970’s model beige paint finish) without stand but has the foot pedal that is linked with a chain. Both grippers can be manually operated as well. I also have a FS 22” x 28” press for bench mounting (no stand) with the inking disc and inking carriage (black wrinkle finish) and an MA-52 22” x 28” bench model without inker but with a wooden fabricated stand with storage drawers.

These were originally built by Vandercook for Showcard and the construction is equivalent to the Vandercook roller-type proof presses.

All of these presses are in excellent condition. I normally rebuild all of my presses for sale, but the size and weight makes these both cumbersome. The impression rollers and bearings are in excellent shape and the bed is in good condition with no dings or rust. Both presses can be disassembled to move into a home studio or basement. They are heavy but within a weight range for a few people to manage.

I will post actual pictures of both of these shortly. I have posted the catalog page for the DFS as a reference.

Asking $3,995 or best reasonable offer, plus shipping, for the larger 30” x 45” Showcard with stand. Asking $3,495 for the 25” x 35” Showcard with the foot pedal but without stand, plus shipping. Asking $3,295 or best offer for the FS 22” x 28” with inking system without stand and $2,995 for the MA-52 with fabricated stand. I will gladly ship anywhere and can securely pack and crate, if needed. I can also make shipping arrangements at discount.

I also have several fully rebuilt smaller size Showcards, Vandercook table top presses, Nolan and Challenge table-top presses, a Poco and a Potter press, as well as a couple of cylinder-type (Vandercook style) Challenge presses (1418E and 1425E) as well as a Challenge 15MA similar to the Vandercook SP 15.

Please contact me if interested in the press or if you have further questions. Thanks for looking!

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image: Showcard DFS.jpg

Showcard DFS.jpg