Electric Carriage Universal I, and Model 4 Vandercooks

Vandercook Universal I with electric carriage and adjustable press bed. Excellent condition, well-kept rollers. Kimlon tympan and extra packing sheets. $15,000.

Vandercook Model 4 in excellent condition with well-kept rollers. Kimlon tympan and extra packing sheets. $10,000.

Enough equipment to start a letterpress shop:
Composing table with storage for and including 22 galley trays, full complement of furniture and reglet.
Slug cutter.
Slug sorter that sits atop two type cabinets with precut 6 point, 2 point, and 1 point lead at various lengths up to 45 pica.
Extra lead, uncut, plus lots of little pieces for lockup
composing sticks, and
pica sticks.
Positive lockup bar, several
Quoines, and key
All in excellent condition. $1000 for all, will not separate, negotiable.

In storage at a climate controlled, dock-high loading facility since Jan 2108. Both presses wrapped for transport. Other equipment boxed for transport.

Located in Indiana. Buyers responsibility for shipping and/or pick up.

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image: Universal-N-Model4.JPG


image: Model-4-wrapped.jpg


image: composingtable.jpg