Sign Press with Type

This portable Sign Press is made by the Sign Press Company of Adrian, Michigan. It is in very good working condition with a 11x23” bed, a metal cabinet with 9 drawers containing 6 fonts of large metal type and 6 fonts of wood display type. Included are 5 hand ink rollers; spacing material; a collection of magnets for holding the type in place; operating manual.
The type is also slotted on the base for inserting over type bars that keep the type in alignment if you do not have lockup furniture. Any surface rust has been removed and the adjustable impression roller is as good as new.
Type faces in sizes 36 pt to 12 line are:
Metal—Condensed Gothic, Garamond Bold, Flash Bold, 20th Century Bold and Condensed.
Wood—Coronet, Condensed Gothic, Dome Casual.
The press is also ideal for use in demonstrations and public showings. $2500 Contact me for more detailed pictures.

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