Printing artifacts for teaching collections (tiny museums)

Hello! I’m assembling “tiny museums,” effectively teaching collections of type and printing artifacts. I don’t want to break up productive and still functioning sets of type or anything else, but I also know a lot of people have boxes of material they’ve collected because they know it has historical value and don’t want to throw it away and haven’t found a museum to take it.

The notion of these tiny museums is that they will have a few dozen items, from wood type to flong (ad mats or other mats) to Linotype mats to printing samples to phototype samples and more.

I’ve had great luck so far in chatting with folks here about specifics, but if you have any type history that’s in a small format that isn’t in productive use, get in touch and send me photos? I’ve pre-sold a number of collections already (65 out of an edition of 100), and each will be a little unique and definitely special.

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