100 Count Galley Cabinets, 2 available no galleys - Free!

We have 2 American Printing Equipment Galley Cabinets looking for a new home. Each cabinet can hold 100 galleys. Unfortunately, we don’t have any galleys that fit. These can take 8.5” x 22” galleys, our standard 9” galleys are just slightly too wide. We had been using them with cut cardboard galleys we made to store paper and envelopes. Both are relatively in good shape, some slight wear, but are definitely still super solid, no majors dents or breaks.

We purchased these from another printer about 2 years, ago and no longer need them, so they are free. I’d love to have a home lined up in the next week or so, as we are getting ready to redesign our storage, and need to free up some space.


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image: galley1.jpg


image: galley2.jpg