Midget Reliance Iron Hand Press

Midget Reliance Iron Hand Press No. 701
Mfg by Paul Shniedewend & Co Chicago IL

Platen size: 14 ½ x 18 ¾
Bed size: 17 x 21

The press is about 63 inches tall and has a floor footprint of about 42 inches by 54 inches plus whatever space is needed for the operator(s) of the press. Missing parts have been made and installed. The press is ready to be used.

You are welcome to try printing something on the press. I can assist with the disassembly and loading, but two people are not enough to do it safely. Once disassembled, the parts will fit in a standard pickup. Only a few tools are needed to disassemble and reassemble the press. We can include a set of tools with the press along with a set of platen bearers and a chase.

We would like to see this press used and enjoyed. The asking price is $3000. Please feel free to contact us about the press or to propose an alternate offer. The press is located in Springfield, Virginia (suburb of Washington, DC).

John Johnson

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image: MidgetBefore.jpg


image: MidgetAfter.jpg


image: MidgetTympanFrisket.jpg


image: MidgetCornerBrackets.jpg


image: MidgetLegChip.jpg


image: MidgetRailChip.jpg