10x15 Heidelberg Windmill, Challenge Cutter


$2700 package deal:
Heidelberg Windmill (Ultra model, from 1949) and hydraulic 34” Challenge Diamond Cutter
Willing to separate the two, contact me if you are interested in one.

Meet Babs, the windmill. She’s a very special press, with a long history here in the Bay Area. She’s been the sole press for my full-scale greeting card business for the past 3 years, and she’s been wonderful. However, I’m moving both my home and my business out of the area and acquiring a different (but similar) press when I arrive, so sadly I have to find my beloved Babs a new home. Here is a blog post about her local history: https://papallama.com/pages/meet-barbara

She has rollers which were recoated 3 years ago, and are still in great shape. At that time she was also thoroughly de-rusted and de-grimed, and her air hoses were all replaced. She doesn’t have a fountain, or lockouts, or an automatic safety stop. But who needs bells and whistles? She’s a powerful workhorse and she prints really well. I’ve had no major issues with her and you can take a look at my work to see the print quality she produces. I also added some op-art flair to the flywheel and painted chomping teeth on the top of her platen, but that can be removed if you don’t dig it. ;D

The cutter is also in great working order and comes with a total of 3 knives (one in the cutter and 2 spare blades). They do need to be sharpened, and we can advise you how that’s done.

If you desire not just a press and a cutter, but also everything you need to start up a full-on greeting card empire, I can also include the following for an additional $700:

- 9”x12” boxcar base for polymer plates
- A2 size greeting card cutting/scoring die
- Die cutting jacket
- quoins and key
- Roller gauge
- Ruler, suckers, furniture needed for locking up die and base
- 300 A2 press ready sheets of Crane’s Lettra 110#
- 1-2 hours of training plus phone/FaceTime consultations as needed

Footprint: Cutter is 58”w x 58”h x 70” L, Press is 5’w x 5.5’L
Both the cutter and the press are 3-phase, and for an additional $700 you can also take the transformer with you. Or, if you are local and need a studio space, you could rent Babs’ current home and leave everything in place! It’s a very good deal on studio space for the Bay and would save you the cost and hassle of moving. Here is the craigslist ad for the space:


If you do want to move her, we can help you arrange both local and non-local shipping. However, the cost of moving/shipping is not included.

Get in touch, letterpress lovers. Don’t sleep on this opportunity, Babs will change your life.

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