Partial Type Cabinet

This is a partial type cabinet for storing letterpress type. I acquired it from a gentleman in Maryland and it was in poor shape. The cabinet body itself is one style but the 16 drawers were a mix of what he found and cobbled together. The drawers were a variety referred to ask “dustless” and had a lip on the ends. Because these were made for a different cabinet, they would not close all the way flush on this style cabinet. I had the lip ends milled off so they all slid in flush. I found matching handles for all but one of the drawers and you can see this by the photograph. I made a sliding shelf that I put in to hold all my other printing accouterments like ink, rollers, etc. so it still worked out to be a convenient studio tool. I am not able to deliver this item. You will need to load and pick it up yourself. Cash only please.

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image: type cabinet top.JPG

type cabinet top.JPG

image: type cabinet.JPG

type cabinet.JPG

image: type drawer in front of cabinet.JPG

type drawer in front of cabinet.JPG

image: type drawer.jpg

type drawer.jpg