Hot Metal Equipment

Updating this listing today October 4 2019.

Approx 200 drawers of hand set type, Attached a list of what is available
Chandler Press paper cutter
Keystone Type Foundry Storage and Work bench (2)

We have several empty cabinets are unique to Hot Metal Typesetting. I have taken photos. If you are intrigued or want more information, please contact me.

Same with the empty Ludlow Hamilton drawers that are not in a cabinet. We have a lot.

Many matrix or sorter drawers.

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image: Bench.jpg


image: Chandler Price.jpg

Chandler Price.jpg

image: Cabinets 1 w type.jpg

Cabinets 1 w type.jpg

image: Empty Drawers and Sorters.jpg

Empty Drawers and Sorters.jpg

image: Furniture Slug guides.jpg

Furniture Slug guides.jpg

image: Hamilton Metal.jpg

Hamilton Metal.jpg

image: Sorter Cases.jpg

Sorter Cases.jpg

image: Wood Cabinets.jpg

Wood Cabinets.jpg

image: Cabinet 1.jpg

Cabinet 1.jpg

image: Type 100419.pdf

Type 100419.pdf