1923 Chandler and Price Letterpress Printing Machine


C&P 10x15 platen ‘New Style’ [meaning the main flywheel spokes were straight rather than the curvy ones used on the ‘Old Style’ version]. This beautiful old press came from a small printing firm in Adelaide. They had used it as a front foyer decoration after they stopped using it. They had owned and used it from new. It was sold they needed the space it occupied to go digital. Has been kept undercover and is is wonderful working condition. Only selling as have moved interstate.It will be sad to see this old girl go and we hope it will go to a good home.

You will notice the flywheel has a cover on it which can be removed easily. There are two rollers in great condition and a third could be added too. We have printed using the two rollers without a problem. In such wonderful condition and a pleasure to print on.

Included is a small box of quoins, a chase and a type high base (for printing with polymer) and sundries for you to be able to get started.

Does come with motor, but have not been running it with the motor. This will require repairing if you want to use it with a motor. The end of the power lead has been removed so there are 3 bare wires instead of a plug. I think it was removed by the previous owner to give them a choice of connecting a 3 phase or single phase plug. The motor is clearly marked “3/4 horsepower variable phase 220 volts” so it will take a domestic supply of 60 amps. I don’t see this as a drama - in fact you might want to consider waiting until you decide if the extra feed hopper machanicals should be removed. If you don’t intend using that feature the press would work a whole lot easier if it doesn’t have to drive the additional gears and cams. In which case an even smaller electric motor would do. The main axle has the crank in it so it is designed to take a foot treadle as well as a motor. (I seem to recall a couple of Briar press postings from people who have made up their own treadles for these machines).

Please note - one of the metal clips that secure the tympan paper broke off once while printing. We have used it without this, but have kept the piece for being able to repair down the track.

Will need to be collected by buyer. Can help with suggestions on how to do so.

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