I have a 10x15 Kluge for sale, asking $600. The press is in a state of partial restoration and is located in a garage in central Indiana.

It was a project I started working on before having a second kid and now need to move on from it.

The good:
The original motor and speed control units were professionally restored, both work as they should. It has a new belt. Includes two rider rollers, counter, two chases, two new rollers and some other stuff that came along with it (cores, bearings, etc.).

The Bad:
The press still needs hoses replaced and a few new suckers. I haven’t done any work on the whole gripper system. The pump still seems to work fine, but I have not replaced the hoses to check.

You will be responsible for moving this press. It is a very heavy press, but it is in a location that it can be moved with a pallet jack.

Please email me with questions or inquiries for more pictures.

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image: kluge.JPG