Heidelberg Windmill 1965 Red Ball Platen Press

Heidelberg Windmill 10 x 15 | Platen Printing Press | Red Ball | 1965

This is a BEAUTIFUL press and the one I learned on and had as my extra press. I knew the fellow I bought it from and can vouch that it works well and was/is very well taken care of. It is under power if you’d like to see it in action.

Single phase | 220V so no phase converters necessary

Press is in a ground floor garage with easy access. PICK UP ONLY! We do have a press rigger who is about a mile or so from us, so if you need their info let us know.

Comes with:
Die Cutting jacket
Guides/lay gauges
Some tympan paper and packing to get you started

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image: IMG_8228.a.jpg