Bookbinding Classes: Four Structure Intensive

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This four day intensive will introduce students to traditional methods of bookbinding and boxmaking. Classes can be taken individually or together for a discount on the daily rate.

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Thursday, July 18: Two Coptics (Single and Multi-needle):

In this class, students will learn two different styles of Coptic binding: single needle and multi-needle. We will begin with the soft-bound single needle binding, which uses handmade paper covers and spine guards that offer protective as well as decorative possibilities. Next, we will progress to the 4-needle Coptic binding, which will explore mutli-needle sewing, covering board, and insetting decorative windows.

Friday, July 19: Drumleaf Binding:

The drumleaf binding is an ideal structure for artist books and/or books where text and image span the page spread. In this binding, the spine remains flexible, allowing open pages to lay flat. This no-sewing binding is created by stacking individual folios and glueing up the spine. Folios are tipped at the fore edge and covers are attached. In this workshop, we will create two drumleaf bindings: one with attached covers and a flexible Japanese tissue spine, and one with a traditional hardcover case.

Saturday, July 20: Case Binding:

In this course, students will learn to create a flat back case binding, or what is commonly known as a hardbound book. Fundamentals of textblock preparation and sewing, endband decoration, case construction, and casing in will all be covered. Additionally, students will learn several different case bindings styles including full-cloth, quarter-cloth, and half-cloth bindings to round out their experience. Discussion will center on materials and best practices in a bindery setting, and students can expect to leave this course with a greater understanding of skills and mechanics required to create a case bound book.

Sunday, July 21: Drop Spine Box:

In this one-day workshop, students will create a drop spine box from start to finish. Also known as the clamshell box, this versatile box structure can be used to house and protect objects such as books, stacks of prints, and photographs. Using binder’s board, bookcloth, and paper, students will learn the techniques required to build boxes at home including how to cover trays, build partial fourth walls, and case in.

*This one day class can be taken as a stand alone or as part of the 4-day Bookbinding & Boxmaking Intensive

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BookArtsLA was founded in 2014 to be a center for learning about the book arts. We are a nonprofit offering classes to in hand book binding, hand printing, and paper making and allied arts. Talented experienced teachers from the LA area and recognized artists from around the world come to teach in our fully equipped studio.

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