Letterpress shop available in NJ

Letterpress shop in Union City, NJ available to anyone who needs a location other than your apartment or house. Very friendly landlord (for real) and with major building improvements. New bathrooms, especially. Reasonable rent: $550. Good letterpress equipment available: 8X12 C&P. Very good manual paper cutter. Lead cutter. Polymer plate maker. Ink scale. Lots of unused paper. Plenty of floor space for another press. A lot of metal type which can be moved to a new home if desired. Parking? New parking garage being built. 10 minutes to NYC Port Authority by bus. Good restaurants plus standard fast food such as McD’s. Plus, a not quite aged out customer list.

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image: paper cutter frontIMG_0843.JPG

paper cutter frontIMG_0843.JPG

image: paper cutterIMG_0845.JPG

paper cutterIMG_0845.JPG

image: 8X12 C&PIMG_0841.JPG

8X12 C&PIMG_0841.JPG

image: plate makerIMG_0846.JPG

plate makerIMG_0846.JPG