Chandle & Price (C&P) 8 x 12 New Series Printing Press Plus

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Chandler & Price 8 x 12 New Series Letterpress Printing Press, Serial number: B 61090, Built in 1931. Meticulously maintained and a pleasure to operate, no welded, cracked or repaired parts. Press comes complete and ready to print. Includes two chases, a set of three rubber rollers, six steel trucks, two grippers, factory original equipped variable speed Kimble (Brand) motor. (Well maintained and in excellent operating condition.)
Also includes extension foot pedal that allows operator to change speed of press motor from front of press. This is a hard to find add on, that is a great feature to have.
Press includes approximately ten type cases full of like new letterpress type, weight of type alone is about 70+ pounds. Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have.
Asking $ 2,250.00
I have additional items for sale including:
Metal cabinet for ink/chemicals and press roller storage
Hamilton furniture cabinet w/ full set of metal furniture (great for register work)
Hamilton metal double California type cabinet w/48 cases. (Type not included, but have some desirable type-faces also available for example have ATF Typo Script and Typo Script Extended in 12 to 24 point as well as others.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you need pictures of any additional items.
Located Northwestern Pennsylvania near Erie, Pennsylvania approximately 100 miles from Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, New York, & Cleveland, Ohio. A great one stop road trip.

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