Vandercook Universal III

Reduced! Asking $15,000 or best offer.

Can print max sheet size: 18.75”x28” with a max form of 18”x24” - includes inkwell, though have not used & automatic wash-up & drip pan and blade. All that comes with this are the following:

- 1 - 9”x6” bases
- original form rollers
- extra set of recovered form rollers (still wrapped up)
- vibrator roller included, needing to be recovered
- trimmed draw sheets + tympan paper, roll of tympan paper
- original lock off bars
- original dust cover
- type high lollipop gauge
- single 110v phase motor

Floor space: 2’1”x6’x7” - weight: 1800lb.

Condition: excellent working condition. Oiled before each run and kept side rails clean and oiled. All worm rollers have been regularly greased. Bed cleaned and lightly wiped with a oiled raged. Everything operates smoothly. Body is in great shape with minor bends where someone had tried to move with a pallet jack from the bottom before I owned it.

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