Young Printer Needs a Favor in Toronto

Hi! This is a rather odd request, but I am desperate and the letterpress community has always proven incredibly kind, so I thought it’s worth the shot.

I’m a young print maker from NJ, who just opened his own small print shop back in March, and I’ve been collecting supplies since then. I purchased a 2/3 Hamilton Cabinet with some metal type in it through WireBids from a print company in Toronto, called Printers Parts. I paid for it already and since I have family in Buffalo, NY, I’m planning to visit them and pick up the cabinet in a couple of weeks. But the seller of the cabinet is demanding that I pay a storage fee of $100 per week unless I pick up the cabinet by this Friday. I unfortunately am teaching this summer until Aug. 14th,s o it would be hard to get up there during the week until then.

The cabinet is located in Scarborough, it is already paid for, and just needs to be picked it up. It is a small cabinet, that would fit in a hatchback/station wagon with the seats down or an SUV. The dimensions are 21.5”x26”x43”.

I was wondering if there is any kind soul out there who might be willing to pick up the cabinet for me and hold it for me until I can get up to Toronto in two weeks?

Since I am just starting out as a young printer, I do not have a lot of money. And if this guy charges me the $100 storage fee per week, I do not think I could afford to pay it.

I would be happy to pay you a little bit of money for this service.

Please just let me know. Many thanks.

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