Heidelberg Windmill Red Ball with Lockouts

I am only the second owner of this fantastic press. I truly love this machine and will be sad once it finds it’s new home. It was a sad day for the original owner but they found hope when I was sharing with them how I would use it and I hope to find a home that will enjoy it as much as I have. The serial number is: 174574 and is a red ball with lock outs. It is running on a 3 phase motor as well.

This press comes with the following:

- 6 chases
- Original composition rollers
- Extra set of composition rollers
- At least one die jacket but will see if I have a few more.
- Plenty and I mean PLENTY of tympan paper and various creasing matrix.
- An original manual (though I do not think it is this presses manual but another windmill’s)
- A printed and bound version of the manual
- Hint for the Pressman - printed and bound
- Both tool drawers full of tools
- Both nickel and brass gauges and gauge pins
- Wrenches in various sizes
- Sucker feet
- Frisket bars
- Shear collars
- Many more


- Fly wheel belt is in great shape
- Air pump is in great working order and has strong suction and blow
- Runs well and smooth
- Ink wheel is clean and smooth and evenly allows ink to flow well.

It is currently hooked up to a 3 phase convertor that I am also selling independently. It is currently bolted on blocks. Asking $3,500 or best offer.

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