New Style C&P 10x15

Up for sale is a 10x15 Chandler & Price. It has the original motor* and variable speed control which is very cool. Serial number is C68252 which looks to be built in 1926. This came from a high school printing class and still has the original press set up instructions on the feed board.

Included with sale is 3 chases, 6 high speed quoins and 10 rollers. 1 of the 3 rollers in the press is in fair but usable condition, the other 2 will need to be recovered. 1 of the rollers in the boxes looks fairly new but has some pitting, all others are for cores only.
*We havent run it in quite a few years and it looks like the motor will need some work. It is running but is sparking from the brushes. The variable speed control goes in steps from 1 to 11 and a few of the positions do not work. The face of the speed control panel has a crack and has been repaired. It runs on 110V.

Other than that, the press is in overall good condition with no cracks or rewelds.

It’s located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Buyer is responsible for picking up or arranging for shipping. We can secure on a skid and load at no additional cost.

Asking $1100

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