Parks -or- Fuchs & Lang Lithography Printing Press

Are you a die-hard lithography enthusiast and/or interested in a major restoration project? You’ve come to the right place!

I salvaged these press parts from storage at my place of work (Atlanta Contemporary, formerly Nexus, aka Nexus Press) and discovered the remnants of a beautiful antique lithography printing press. I’ve done a bit of research and found out that the press was donated from a local artist and after delivered was never put together for use. Nexus Press’ primary printing process was off-set lithography and they had advanced methods of reproduction. The parts have been sitting in storage since the 70s/80s and have a lot of rust build up.

I’ve reached out to several print-restoration pros in the US and am pretty confident that this is either a Parks Press or a Fuchs and Lang. There is no plaque, or its been misplaced otherwise I would know for sure. The majority of the pieces are here, but there are a few parts that I think are missing. The parts could definitely be sourced from the community or fabricated.

When I took on this project I was really excited, but life has caught up to me and I am not in the financial place to take on a project of this scale without some serious help! It is going to take some additional research and hands-on restoration + fabrication of missing parts. However, I think it could turn out to be an AMAZING antique press.

I am looking for someone to take it off my hands and restore it themselves. I don’t want this gem of a discovery to go to waste or be turned into an antique coffee table/random decorative piece. I want it to be restored for its original function. Let me know if you are interested and I can certainly share more with you!

$100 or make me an offer. I just need it off my hands!

Pieces For Sure Included::

1 Press bedplate with attached tympan
1 Press handle - original wood/metal
1 Press gear attached to a interior beam (I think the second joining gear is what is missing)
1 interior beam attached to the handle used to engage the scraper bar onto the print matrix
1 top piece that joins the two sides of the press
Various bolts and press height adjustment hardware
2 sides of the press with rollers
1 medium sized wheel
1 large sized wheel (not sure if these wheels are even a part of the press but I kept them anyway just in case, they look like Chandler & Price letterpress wheels)
1 cylinder drum
2 metal beams that keep the two sides together somehow
2 scraper bars + other miscellaneous rusted hardware

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