Press Room Parts - part1

Part 1: Over the years we have collected a few spare parts to presses and other print room items we no longer need. We would like to see them go to someone who can use them rather than the scrap metal yard. Hopefully the name of the photos gives you an idea of what the part is from. We will be happy to provide other photos and measurements. As to the price, you pay for shipping from Springfield, VA 22150 and provide a donation in the amount of your choice to Briar Press.
John Johnson

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image: American Slug Cutter2.jpg

American Slug Cutter2.jpg

image: American Slug cutter1.jpg

American Slug cutter1.jpg

image: PanAmerican hand miterer1.jpg

PanAmerican hand miterer1.jpg

image: PanAmerican hand miterer2.jpg

PanAmerican hand miterer2.jpg

image: Morrison Blade.jpg

Morrison Blade.jpg

image: Craftsman Blade.jpg

Craftsman Blade.jpg

image: E C Atkins Blade.jpg

E C Atkins Blade.jpg

image: Blue Grass Blade.jpg

Blue Grass Blade.jpg

image: Composing Stick Rack.jpg

Composing Stick Rack.jpg