French Paper & pre-made signatures

I bought lots of paper in the hopes of starting my own etsy shop which never happened. Hopefully, someone will have better use of this cardstock & pre-made signatures!


1.Construction Recycled White (100# cover)
100 sheets unopened

2. PopTone (100# cover)
COLORS: Berrylicious (blue), Spearmint (green), Orange Fizz (orange)
25 sheets of each color

B) Folded & Gathered Booklets (not sewn)
1 set = 4 signatures
1 signature = 4 folded sheets

1. 4.125 x 5.75” (80 text)
mohawk superfine smooth white: 19 sets
mohawk superfine eggshell white: 23 sets

2. 5.75 x 8.25” (80 text)
mix of mohawk superfine smooth & eggshell white: 22 sets

3. 6x9
lined paper (brand unknown but most likely mohawk): 10 sets

Total: $75 + shipping
(Drop off/pick up ok for Greater Boston area)

Prefer to sell everything together but can discuss details if you’re interested in only the paper or folded booklets

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