Heidelberg and Kluge Presses, accessories, tools, and more

Hello! We purchased a building from a print shop in St. Charles, IL and with it inherited the equipment inside. For the last few years we have been holding on to it, hoping to do something cool with these beautiful machines for our business, however, we just don’t have the time and resources. We have a Kluge press, a Heidelberg, a Baum Pile Feeder, a Hydrill, countless random toys, tools and accessories. Entertaining any reasonable offer and want to see them go to a good home. We have mad respect for these instruments so want someone who will appreciate them to take them off our hands!

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image: heidelberg 1.jpg

heidelberg 1.jpg

image: heidelberg 2.jpg

heidelberg 2.jpg

image: kluge press 1.jpg

kluge press 1.jpg

image: kluge press 2.jpg

kluge press 2.jpg

image: bits n parts!.jpg

bits n parts!.jpg

image: baum pilefeeder.jpg

baum pilefeeder.jpg