Vintage Chandler & Price Pilot Press (205-A)

Vintage Chandler & Price Pilot Press (205-A). Excellent condition. New rollers (a spare set is included).

Also included are:
• Three (3) 6-1l2” x 10” metal chases;
• Six (6) quoins;
• Quoin key;
• One polymer base;
• Pilot press cabinet;
• Numerous furniture blocks;
• Roller / Platen Gauge;
• Many individual pieces of type (animals; “Merry Christmas”; “Get Well Soon”; various decorative pieces of type).

Price - $4,000

Available for local pick-up only; La Habra, California.

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image: Pic 02 from Front.JPG

Pic 02 from Front.JPG

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Pic 03 from Front.JPG

image: Pic 04 from Back.JPG

Pic 04 from Back.JPG

image: Pic 06 from Side.JPG

Pic 06 from Side.JPG

image: Quoins & Gauge.jpg

Quoins & Gauge.jpg