Print Shop on wheels

Print Shop on wheels. Includes a Craftsman Imperial 5 x 8” cleaned and refurbished press with 1 chase a feed board and set of newly covered rollers from Ramco. 1 rouse metal cutter and strips of type metal for spacing. Some metal and wood furniture, 6 quoins and a wrench for that. wrenches to adjust the press. Also two type cases with type and a FLAT STONE 3/4” x 12” x 18” for lock ups. 1 metal cart 24” x 36” designed to hold two type cases. Add the ink and solvent and you’re set up to do some letterpress printing. The very portable rolling Print Shop.. From Cash sales of tools toys and collectables in Santa Clara.
Mon-Thurs 8am to 2:30 Price $2750.00

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