C&P Pilot and Work Station

Late model (‘60s or ‘70s?) C&P Pilot for sale with workbench, type, chases, and roller box. This press has been a trusty companion for years. I made a custom roller box to store rollers in that comes with this work station. The work station has holes for bolts that thread through the feet of the press to keep it stationary while printing. I thread the bolts through but haven’t had the need to secure them with nuts. This work station comes with 3 chases, 8 drawers (5 of which contain Spartan font), and 3 tool cubby drawers. There are 5 sizes of Spartan font: 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, and 24pt. The bottom drawer has various lead sizes. Press has a smooth action and has been kept well oiled. The last time I printed with it was October 26th, 2019. Included are two dog bone wrenches that fit the impression screw nuts and allow you to adjust the angle of the platen but you should not need to use them much as the platen has been calibrated. The bales do have a little wear from age but a bit of tape has taken up the space to help the packing stay snug and I’ve not had any issues with it. There are two paper tray inserts that I’ve never used but kept with the press anyway. You can easily bolt some plywood to them and use them, I’ve just never had the need. Below are some specs of interest. This makes a really tidy work space and great for an intermediate printer or a beginner looking to get a serious start into letterpress. Shipping is up to customer but must be moved within one week of sale.

Work Station Cabinet footprint: 48” x 24”

Pilot Press footprint: 21” x 32” x 38”

Chase area: 10” x 6 1/2”

Price: $3,500 OBO

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