Entire Shop- Vandercook, Heidelberg, C&P, Tools+Accessories

Closing shop (for now) and selling the equipment in the studio. This has been a functional custom shop since 2009, opened in San Francisco and moved North to Mendocino County in 2015. This is not goodbye, but rather a necessary shift as I navigate parenthood and a career I love and which I am lucky to say is still in the print industry. That being said, these presses are dear to me and I would not sell if the thought of them languishing unused weren’t sadder to me than the thought of letting them go. They’re fabulous, grand workhorses and have made many, many wonderful things for many wonderful clients.

I would obviously prefer to sell as a lot, but will consider piece-by-piece if necessary. Here is what I have, and I’m certain to forget something so please don’t hesitate to ask questions of any/all kinds. I will respond within one day to email, phone or text messages:

-Vandercook 219NS (built 1947, serial# 11961) second owner, rollers recovered 5 years ago, has frisket tower which I’ve rigged with tapes for very large or rigid sheets. Does a lovely job with everything, a very solid machine. Some superficial rust on lower body panels, some areas have been sanded and repainted, bed is in excellent condition (no rust there), carriage is smooth (if not very heavy- this press is an arm workout, to be sure!). Lived its first 70 years in a photogravure shop in Fresno and collected a decent amount of fuzz. Have been cleaning and making small improvements since I took ownership, but nothing major. New guides & guide screws, digging the ink mixing plate out from under decades of buildup, that kind of thing. Motor and chain run well, have experienced the best ink coverage in my printing career from this press. Many fun accessories, original owner’s manual (looking more like a pirate treasure map these days, but still very cool), unusual tools etc… oh, and a VERY large base that if I’m perfectly honest, I’ve no idea how it was used. (photos linked, perhaps someone can educate me- I suspect it had to do with its previous life in photogravure, but beyond that…)

-Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 black ball (approx 1955, need to pull the serial on this one). Rollers recovered 2016 and I’ve never printed with them. Brand new washup blade. I’ve used this press exclusively for die cutting because that’s the only work I’ve had in the last few years that has required high speed. This was a numbering press for many years in a local shop, and therefore is harboring a decent amount of red ink sludge here and there, though I’ve done a pretty darn good job cleaning it up. Pretty complete in terms of parts and accessories. Could use a facelift, this is my newest press (in age and newest to me) and I’ve just not had the time to give it the proper love beyond maintenance. small dent in ink drum on delivery side of press that would likely not be problematic, but it’s worth noting. Suction is good, feed has been very predictable and even. Mainly running thin stock so have not needed suction feet but I think I have some around. Obvioulsy comes with a die jacket.

-Chandler & Price 8x12 platen 1920, new style, straight shaft. Kind of ugly, prints like a dream. This is the only thing here I’m honestly reserving the right to change my mind about selling. This thing and I are like an old couple. We fight, we’re both stubborn, but we always get the job done and I know every last one of its idiosyncrasies. Black in the front, *other* everywhere else, a little crooked? Just goes and goes and goes. The motor is pretty horrid, legend tells that it came off of a refer truck when the truck died but the refer didn’t. Kind of nifty because it’s variable speed, but just…. so loud. Belt comes off just as you get your feeding groove on. Counter is attached and counts accurately. I built this a beastly pallet which it is bolted to and will stay bolted to until it leaves my possession or until my last dying breath. Moving an unpalletized C&P has to be my least favorite thing, ever. Icing on cake- brand new phillipine mahogany feed boards. What can I say?

-Chandler & Price cutter 26” width, two blades, one newly sharpened, the other with very little cutting done on it. smooth smooth smooth. Handle was broken in a previous life and welded together a little oddly, also bolted on at a strange angle but makes for a whole-body experience while cutting and I’m honestly just too lazy to fix it, but the previous owner gave me the absolutely massive socket attachment to do it with. Wooden cutting stick could use a flip or a replacement but overall a darn solid cutter, no complaints whatsoever. Can’t recall the year but certainly early 1900s. Comes with a plate to mount it to the floor, if desired.

-Furniture cabinet, nearly full (I have a full one but I’m hanging onto it as a promise to myself that I’m not giving up on letterpress)
-Quoins, hi-speed and wickersham + keys, several sizes
-Sized & cut tympan for the windmill
-Tympan, packing & board of many thicknesses and types. Bought a big variety pack from NA a while back. Oodles of packing.
-at least two mylar topsheets for the Vandercook.
-type in cases and type out of cases. I have not even begun to sort through this. Some is organized, some not as much. at least 5 California job cases full and a tall composing cabinet with drawers containing more type looking less organized.
-All manner of spare rollers, cores, trucks, bearings, grease nipples, ink knives, composing sticks, dies, reglets, leads, slugs, loose extra furniture, the list goes on.
-SO many envelopes. You name it, I probably have it in Lettra.
-Paper, same as above
-Ink, mostly rubber-based. Most of the usual pantone mixing set and a few customs.

Asking $16k obo for all (less if I decide to cop out on the 8x12), would likely be willing to throw in work tables, envelope cubbies and industrial shelving if interested. You would be responsible for securing movers and the moving costs. I’d be very grateful if you were able to utilize professional press movers. I do have a recommendation for the West coast. I would pack all loose items in plastic totes and adequately cover/stretch wrap any furniture prior to shipment. And in the extraordinarily unlikely event you are looking to trade a very nice Vandercook Model 4 for an entire shop, please call me right away and we can marvel at the incredible serendipity of it all!

Located 2.5 hours north of San Francisco on the 101 in Ukiah.
A few photos below, but whole set can be found here:


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