Vandercook #2 in excellent condition.

Vandercook No. 2 press from the 1930’s for sale with original metal cabinet. Action of press is smooth. I have used this press consistently for the last 20 years. All of my woodblocks are hand inked which this press is perfect for. Roller is covered with some packing and mylar. Included is one quoin and a key. We are down sizing and so it must go.

Press can be broken down into 3 parts for shipping. Shipping is up to customer but must be moved within one week of sale.
Press is located in Denver, CO
Below are some specs of interest:

Press Bed : 26” x 20”

Press Bench footprint: 45” x 22”

Press Assembly footprint (accounts for handle): 50” x 40”

Price: $1,200

Contact Leon for more info or offers
[email protected]

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