Blick Econo Etch 2

Dick Blick’s Econo Etch Model II is an excellent choice for the beginning printmaker or for the professional who needs an auxiliary press for demonstrations, art fairs, and workshops. The press is easy to work and is suitable for etching, collagraphy, paper plate lithography, unmounted linoleum block printing, and embossing. It’s perfect for smaller prints and greeting cards. The Blick Econo Etch Model II is a simple, direct-drive press. More effort is required to pull a print than in a geared press, but the small size of the press keeps the effort moderate. The bed plate of the Model II Press is 1¼” wider than that of the original Econo Etch press, and the new Model II features solid steel rollers. Total clearance without blanket is 0.95” (23 mm). Two gauges, micro and super micro, allow for precise leveling of the press rollers.

Steel bed plate measures 11-11/16” wide x 19-3/4” long (9-1/2” x 18” recommended max print size), and is 1/8” (3 mm) thick.
The 3” upper roll, and the lathe-turned 1-1/2” lower roll are both solid steel
Aluminum side castings with four adjustable feet
The base measures 13-1/4” x 11-3/4”
A 1/4” thick gray cushion blanket is included with the press. We recommend the purchase of a catcher blanket and a pusher blanket.
Weighs 67 lbs (30 kg).

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