Cylinder Core 1 :: Experience Letterpress

The handfed cylinder proof press, also known as the Vandercook press, has a special place in both print history and in teaching book arts. Immediate and accessible, yet nuanced and specific, it is the press that introduced many of us to letterpress. The four class Cylinder Core Certificate Program allows students to move quickly through the press basics while also addressing relief printing in general. Students who finish the four core classes are qualified to rent press time as well as move on to more advanced classes and techniques. Click here to learn more about the Core Certification Program and find out how you receive a discount.

Dig in to the tradition and history of letterpress printing and get your hands dirty. Learn about the process and practice of setting type, mixing inks and pulling impressions. In this class you will learn how to print your own cards!

Competencies Gained:
-Introductory history of the art and craft of relief printing
-How letterpress printing works

-Introduction to the type case, composition and the composing stick
-Introduction to studio practices
-Pulling a print

-Introduction to the cylinder (Vandercook) press and safety points
-Movable type and cuts

*This workshop will take place on Tuesday & Wednesday, February 11 & 12, 2020 from 6:30-10pm.

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image: PHOTO vandercook 375x281.jpg

PHOTO vandercook 375x281.jpg

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image: PHOTO Cylinder Core 1 IMG_7479.jpg

PHOTO Cylinder Core 1 IMG_7479.jpg