1 Heidelberg Windmill & 1 C&P 10X15 & 1 A4 Platemaker

Chandler & Price 10X15
Acquired in 2015
Added a motor with a controller to make it semi-automated
Comes with an extra remote controller (BRAND NEW)
Chandler & Price 10X15

Bought at US$ 3500+
Selling Price: US$ 2500


2. Heidelberg Windmill
Acquired in 2018
Heidelberg Windmill

Bought at US$ 4000
Selling Price: US$ 2800


3. Flexo Plate Maker - Maximum Size A4 Plate

Acquired in 2015
A4 Platemaker:

Bought at US$ 3800
Price: US$ 1500

Complimentary Add-Ons to the above Purchase if all are bought:

Other Extra Small Accessories to include:

Polymer Plates for the Platemaker: Valued at S$ 400 (US$ 289)
3 UV Lamps: Valued at S$ 270 (US$ 195)
Pantone Inks for Printing: S$ 450 (US$ 325) (about 80+ types)

If interested, please reach out. Prices are negotiable.
Sea container shipping is affordable and door step delivery is possible.
Thank you for reading.

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