Kelsey 9x13 Tabletop Printing Press w/ New Rollers - $900

Kelsey 9x13 Tabletop Printing Press w/ New Rollers includes Boxcar base and a bin of free inks!!

Only used once, purchased from a print shop in Charlotte who was selling to make space for other presses, but haven’t taken up the hobby as much as I’d hoped. The arm that rotates the inking plate is missing but is an easy item to fabricate and have a recommendation for someone who will make from the print shop. Otherwise, in great condition and can still use by manually rotating the inking plate. Includes the custom base we made so the handle is at an ergonomic height.

2 Brand new rollers only used a couple of times. Also includes a variety of packing papers, and cleaning pomade, and a bunch of letterpress ink cans!!!

Perfect for hobby printing, wedding invites, stationery, etc. or starting a letterpress studio.

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