Intertype machine with magazines and matts

Intertype C-3 COMPLETE with some magazines, mats melting pot and mold for making pigs, tools for the machine and some spare parts.. .
Machine is clean and in working condition, was used to cast type for customer identification on die cut products,Painters Union contract books, ad, booklets, etc.This Machine came form a Union Shop, In Mountain View CA. when we got it. .
Selling this Intertype as listed for $2,000 cash

This unit sits on a cement floor next to a large bay door…
New buyer will need to make arrangements to have the machine moved. (At the time of the sale would be best)I am selling off much of the old Letterpress items to open up some space in the shop. .
A lot of work was done to get this machine in good working order. by my friend and San Jose Printers guild president Jim Gard. .

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