Vandercook #3 & Challenge Paper Cutter

Our company has pivoted away from our former focus on letterpress greeting cards and we’ve decided it’s finally time to sell our press.

Vandercook #3
Asking: $12,000

We purchased this press in 2007 from the very reputable Don Black Linecasting and had it shipped from Toronto to Columbus, OH. The team at Don Black had purchased the press from a local church if I remember correctly.

We have printed thousands of cards, art prints, invitations and business cards on this press with zero serious maintenance issues. It has never been dropped or damaged in any of the moves. During our peak printing years we had it serviced every year by Dave Seat of Hot Metal Services who would give it a nice clean up and make any small adjustments needed to keep it running smoothly.

There is minimum wear and tear. When we got the press from Don Black the rails were already showing some wear. That being said, we haven’t had any issues. It does need some new rollers.

In 2016 we transitioned from a stationery business to a creative studio. Since the transition our press has been stored where we work in a climate control workspace. I’ve probably only used it about 6 times since 2016 so figured it was probably time to pass it on to a loving home.

Included with the press: Boxcar base (13” x 19”), oily rag bucket, box of furniture, tools, ink knives, tympan, cleaning solvent, any cans of ink that we have.

Challenge Paper Cutter
Size: 230
Model: HL
Asking $1,500

We purchased this paper cutter from a print shop in Utah County that was going out of business. I think they may have been the original owners. The cutter has treated us well and we keep it oiled. We invested in a second knife so we could send one out to be sharpened and still have one on the cutter. The maximum width is 23” and is about 30” deep.

We’re asking $12,000 for the press and $1,500 for the cutter. However, if you’re interested in both the press and the cutter we would reduce the price to $12,500 for both.

Both the press and the paper cutter are located on a ground floor with a garage door for easy load out.

Please email or text. Thanks!

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image: Papercutter 2.jpg

Papercutter 2.jpg

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Papercutter 4.jpg

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