C&P fountain driver 10x15 windmill tympans 12x18 C&P chase

Chandler & Price fountain driver - this part fastens to press side arm, and linkage rotates the fountain roller each time press cycles. Probably came off a 12x18 new style, don’t know if this would work on smaller presses. It is missing the bolt which I believe the fountain linkage also connects to, so you will have to adapt a bolt. $10 plus postage. Also have 40-50 Heidelberg Model T windmill tympans, a 12x18 C&P chase and several Little Giant Model 6 12x18 chases. Some C&P and Model 6 small parts too. Can take photos of chase, tympans if you are interested.

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image: P1010577.JPG


image: P1010579.JPG