Golding Jobber No 7 with Type Cabinet and Type

Golding Jobber 15 x 10 inches - Manufactured by Hunter Penrose Ltd, England, Serial No. 9504 / 3 or 9304/3.
This Jobber is now partly dismantled to main components ready for transportation/collection and comes complete with three rollers, 2 chases (1x filled with furniture and quoins and other fitted with internal formers) spare metal formers , ink duct.
Supplied with single phase 240 volt 1 ½ H.P. motor and drive assembly and drive belt.
For sale with 20 rack typecase cabinet with trays and selection of fonts.
All for £1450 (excluding carriage) or may split and sell separately.

Numerous fonts and other printing accessories also for sale - email me for details.

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image: Jobber7.jpg


image: MotorAssy.jpg


image: Typecase.jpg