Letterpress Things August Open Dates

Two Open Dates in August - Saturday, August 8th and Saturday, August 22nd - 9 am to 3 pm.
For the Barrett’s dismantling Letterpress Services is just about finished. Our attention is now turning to the task of unpacking the dozens of pallets and boxes moved to Chicopee. It’ll take a month or so to complete; there’s a lot to sort through and store. [In 40 years of acquiring letterpress stuff, this “retrieval” is by far the largest ever done. And it’s all our stuff!]
In the weeks ahead more items will appear on the floor and on the web site. Moreover, we’re scheduled for two retrievals during August: one, a few cabinets of type; the second, a small garage sized shop. These are the first such trips out since last Fall; indeed, it’s beginning to feel a bit like what normal use to feel like. Except now with a mask on. Hoorah!


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image: 3rd floor, incoming.jpg

3rd floor, incoming.jpg