5x8 Kelsey Excelsior Letterpress Mercury Model P

Fully operational. Excellent for business cards, invitations, greeting cards and small art prints. Includes a 3.5 x 6.5 grid base from Boxcar Press for running polymer plates. Will also include six cans of unopened ink and a jar of roller conditioner.

Price: $900.00

A little history on the press: the press was used to publish a very small community leaflet (announcements, etc) and the church bulletin in a town in southwest Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh. It was displayed in the publisher’s shop window for years after he upgraded to a larger press. We got it up and ready to roll and then had kids.

Additional images at https://www.williamburnsdesign.com/kelsey-excelsior-press

Now located in Saint Paul, MN. Prefer pick up or short distance delivery in the Twin Cities area. Any shipping will need to be paid by buyer.

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image: 5x8Kelsey.jpg