Chandler & Price 8 x 12 Press plus Boxcar Base

$2000 Chandler & Price 8 x 12 New Series Letterpress Printing Press, Serial number: B 61090, Built in 1931. Press comes complete and ready to print. Includes two chases, a set of three NEW rubber rollers AND trucks, two grippers, factory original equipped variable speed Kimble motor (no treadle) with new brushes. In addition, I’m throwing in 2 Kort gauge pins, 3 Megill adjustable gauge pins, over 80 sheets of tympan (some pieces slightly dinged), 9 pieces of pressboard, and a 6x9 (used) Boxcar base). I have set the press up with an on/off electrical switch underneath the feed board but I still have the foot pedal floating which is another way of operating the motor. New brushes recently added to motor. Press was also serviced in December by press mechanic. Local pick up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Flywheel must come off to get it through the door but is not difficult if you have a couple strong guys.

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