Saroglia Proofing Press, 1960s model

1960s Model, hand-operated

Bed Size: 530mm X 435mm

Comes with:

• Positive lock-up bar
• Full sized chase (480mm X 304mm)
• Roller bearers
• Dolly with lockable wheels


• Fully adjustable bed
• Trip lever
• Carriage removable from base

This press has been properly calibrated to type high for letterpress and has been used to print a high-end edition from hand-set type in a four-page imposition. It might also be used for lino prints or wood blocks. Roller not included. Pick-up only.

Price: $2,500

See video footage of working press here:

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image: Saroglia on dolly.jpg

Saroglia on dolly.jpg

image: Saroglia logo, edited 2.jpg

Saroglia logo, edited 2.jpg