Vandercook No. 3 Proof Press, SW Indiana

Vandercook No. 3 Proof Press for Sale

This Vandercook No. 3 was originally purchased and used as a proof press at a local printing company. The press was purchased by a family member who worked there for at-home printmaking; however, sadly, it has not been inked since it was at the printing company over 30 years ago. Includes original directions book, lockup bar.

The press is currently located in a garage. Buyer to arrange pick-up or shipping.

Asking $8,500 OBO

Other items available (please request additional info or make offer):

- Hamilton 23-drawer type cabinet, wood (No. 73322) with 13 drawers of various point Caslon Old Style Italic type. Good condition, but missing 10 drawers.
- Hamilton 50-drawer Galley Tray Cabinet, steel. Trays generally in good condition. Cabinet has one door currently rusted closed.
- Triangular Letterpress Reglet Cabinet, wood – good condition, 32” high.
- Letterpress Reglet Cabinet – good condition, 16”x21”x9”.
(photos available upon request)

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