Golding Jobber #6

I have reached the difficult decision to sell my beloved Golden Jobber #6 letterpress. She’s a very special press and does not get the attention she should. A motor was attached to her by the previous owner in print shop in Winston Salem, where she was for 75+ years before we purchased her. The chase is 8” x 12” and I will include the metal plate that you can use with polymer plates ($200 value), she has new rollers. This press is one of very few presses that will fit through a standard size door… making her quite appealing :) I’m happy to answer any questions. Asking $1500 or best offer.

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image: EB309C26-362E-4AD3-B46A-A87E98A07317.jpeg


image: 1D9EBDA7-2DEC-4CFF-9C6F-A39657CC9E40.jpeg


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