Spring ID on Kelsey 5x8

Sorry for adding a new post but I searched and haven’t been able to figure this out and am a complete newbie. I got a Kelsey 5x8 yesterday and started cleaning the grime (why the chase bed and ink table aren’t pictured) but I cannot figure out what/how this long spring hanging off it is supposed to go. I know it will need to be replaced but where/what is it??? The diagram on don black’ s site didnt seem to fit with any super long springs. Was there a version where it was the gripper spring? The press is missing the gripper fingers but has the bar so I was guessing it had to do with this.

image: 69D6E036-B183-4C93-83FA-8759F6EE8EFD.jpeg


image: EA8A8E4E-72A3-4648-8AB3-61B914EBAA72.jpeg


image: A2CF7E2C-64A1-4DB2-8286-633D0F07DBB2.jpeg


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Not to shure what they wanted to accomplish with that spring it is not a original part of press.
The original grippers had a piano wire with a L shape that hooks in gripper bar and runs out back of press. There was a few designs but all similar. Ace hardware has pieces of this wire that can be bent to work. here is a couple sample.

image: E64B98C1-7ECA-454F-8DC8-7D149F74B9BA_1_201_a.jpeg


image: 015E4A9D-B9CC-4737-883A-02EBD2004939_1_201_a.jpeg


Prior owner may have had the spring attached to a counter mounted at a distant location.

Thanks Todd and Butch. I was confused with the super long curly spring and thought being a newbie I was missing something. I detached it from the gripper bar and removing the grime this week. One more ? - gripper bars/gripper - am I missing why they are important. I keep reading horror stories how they often damage type. If you’re using gauge pins, why the need for gripper bars? I’m not sure what I’m using this press for but it came with a craftsmen press that I am already in love with.