Type High gauge, quoins, keys, expandable furniture

I have several Wickersham quoins & keys as well as Challenge Hempel quoin sets & keys, a type high gauge and a few pieces of M&W expandable furniture.
They are in good working condition and have been recently cleaned.
Let me know which items you’re interested in. Buyer pays shipping and items should fit in a small Priority Mail flat-rate box and will ship for $8.45 within the United States.

Challenge Type High Gauge $50
Morgans & Wilcox Expandable furniture (5” wide, expands to 4.5”) $30 ea
Wickersham quoins- $8 for 2
Wickersham quoin key/right angle $25
Wickersham quoin key/original $25
Challenge Hempel wedge quoins -$5 / 2 sets (4pc.)
Hempel quoin key (T handle) $25

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