Ludlow matrices - garamond font 18pt

Hi there,

I am attempting to locate replacement matrices for our Ludlow linecasting machine. I’m specifically looking for Garamond font 18pt, with the matrix code 3-7-10.

Does anyone have these specific matrices on hand, or are able to fabricate these?
Some very nice folks have directed me to contact don black, or to check here on briarpress. Unfortunately Don Black is closing his business and can’t help me, and I’ve messaged most everyone I can find loosely associated with ludlow mats.

If you have garamond 18pt matrices, or are able to fabricate these, or can offer a substitute I would be eternally grateful!

I’m looking for replacement letters, but would also be interested in accented letters if those are available / can be made. Please contact me here, or email me direct - kolsen (at) weddingstar (dot) com.

Best Regards,
Kane Olsen

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