Vandercook #3

I purchased this beautiful press from Letterpreservation in Rising Sun, Indiana 6 years ago. The press had been in a University in Cleveland prior to that. I’ve gradually transitioned to screen printing during that time and it’s time to let the press go.

Vandercook #3
Was: $8,500, now $7,500 (3/5/21)

Steve Robinson delivered the press and fabricated a hand lever for the No. 3 grippers. It works like a charm and allows for proper gripping/registration of sheets without rolling the cylinder back and forth to do so. There is minimum wear and tear on the press and it has a beautiful patina on the original finish. The #3 is a wonderfully low maintenance press with a non motorized inking system and a smaller footprint than comparable presses. I have not had any issues in operating it. Although I have not had any problems with the rollers, Letterpreservation noted they were on the backside of their use when it was delivered.

I work for a home studio in the lower level of a raised ranch. The press was delivered in a flatbed trailer. Using a motorized winch, Letterpreservation lowered down an exterior slope to the lower level on along a plywood surface with the press strapped to dollies. Entrance/exit to the studio through a patio door.

Included with the press: Lock up bar, wood and metal furniture shown, coins, tympan, and a great selection of Victory rubber Inks. Also included is a signed copy of Paul Moxon’s book on maintenance and history of Vandercook Presses.

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