John Jacques Cast Iron Board Shear// bed size 26 x 43 inch

The Center for Book Arts is selling a cast Iron John Jacques Board Shear. This shear works great, the blade is sharp and holds alignment well, but could use some fine tuning. The bed size is 26 x 43. The blade can cut up to 41 inches. Its missing its sliding guide. The total space you’d probably need for it is about 40 x 50 inches.

Please make us an offer! We are hoping to use any money raised from selling this board shear to build out a Risograph area in our printshop. This will help us purchase a computer, desk and build out storage for 15 Riso ink canisters.

Available for pick up.
Located in New York City in a building with a freight elevator.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you’re interested or want to check it out in person.

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image: boardshear1.jpeg


image: boardshear2.jpeg


image: boardshear3.jpeg


image: boardshear4.jpeg


image: boardshear5.jpeg