Cronite Edge Painting/Engraving Inks

Cronite Edge Painting/Engraving Inks
I purchased this set of inks from Cronite in Aug 2018 for $1180. Used for a couple of edge painting projects and no longer offering this service so hoping to find a good home for this ink set, all opened containers listed are barley used.

CDS Formula Ink Mixing Guide Book
6lbs KBMC 212 Silver
5lbs KBM 6730a Ultra Mixing Gold
5lbs KBM 6760a Ultra Fine Copper (open)
7lbs KB1111 Pure Rubine Red (open)
7lbs KB161 Pure Red (open)
7lbs KB191 Pure Rhodamine
7lbs KB221 Pure Marine Blue
7lbs KB241 Pure Reflex Blue
7lbs KB251 Pure Cyan Blue (open)
7lbs KB351 Pure Cyan Green
7lbs KB451 Pure White (open)
7lbs KB551 Pure Black (open)
7lbs KB821 Pure Purple
7lbs KB921 Pure Yellow (open)
7lbs KB951 Pure Orange
7lbs KB091 Pure Extender (open)

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